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Body Collision

The collision of two cars with one another on the roadway is always a moment of great, though definitely unpleasant, drama. The flash of panic or outrage, the resounding crash of metal striking speeding metal, the lurching halt or ricocheting skid of the vehicles depending on the angles, speeds, and forces acting on them, the possibility of injury, fire, or even death, are all part of the disheartening scene, which every auto driver hopes to avoid for their entire life, if possible.

However, once the impact has happened, the ambulances and police have come and gone, and the insurance claims have been filed, one task remains – repairing the collision damage to the vehicle or vehicles that were involved. Whether the unplanned “joust” was carried out against another car or truck, or simply against a tree or telephone pole which had been minding its own business at the roadside until that moment, there is likely to be at least some denting, crumpling, or other damage resultant from the crash.

Repairing collision damage can be simple or complex, depending on how much of the car’s structure was involved. If dented sheet metal and cracked composite panels are the worst that the vehicle has to offer, then a home repair job may well be possible. Dented mild steel can be hammered back into place with a hammer-and-dolly method, or sometimes pulled out using a plunger or stud welding techniques.

Composite panels can be fixed with structural gauze and plastic repair compounds. Neither of these projects needs large items of machinery – simply knowledge, patience, and a careful, thorough approach to dealing with the harm done by the collision.

On the other hand, if the whole frame of the car has been wracked out of alignment, twisted by the force of the impact, then heavy equipment will definitely be needed to correct the problem. A portable puller, or sometimes a full-sized body rack, is needed to yank the whole vehicle back into its correct shape. In the case of modern unit-bodied cars, the vehicle may have been totaled without the damage being readily apparent from the outside, and massive repairs or entire discarding of the car may be needed.

Fixing a car body after a collision is a combination of precisely-balanced techniques and the selective application of brute force. Armed with the right knowledge and tools, practically anyone can make an attempt at with a good chance of success, as these pages reveal.

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The Many Facets of Collision Repair

Cars exist in a dangerous environment. A busy road is filled with hundreds or thousands of tons of hurtling metal, all of it controlled by people who are easily distracted by a cell phone call, a cigarette dropped carelessly on their pant leg, a belly filled with liquor, a favorite breed of lapdog being walked along the side of the road, or any of a host of other things.